Explore Best of Kerala Tourism for a memorable trip

Kerala, a south Indian state is home to majestic backwaters, long coastlines, huge tea gardens, cultural activities, spices and so on, therefore is named as God’s Own country. This beautiful state is located on the Malabar Coast and is a paradise for the travellers. This small strip of heavenly blessed beauty is also happens to be the one of the top and tourists’ favourite destination not only in India but among the foreign traveller also. Kerala Tourism is fun and one should visit to witness its holy beauty with their naked eyes.

Regardless of whether you want to bask in sun in the silvery beaches of Kerala or want to explore the exquisite weather of Munnar Hill Station and its tea estate, or take a walk in the bustling city of Kochi, Kerala Tourism has something for every type of tourist. You can take a pick from various places and activities you want to visit and do during your vacation.

Kerala is a simple and land of highly literate citizens. The state welcomes its tourists with a humble attitude towards the vacationers and good hospitality. It is known for its spectacular dance form, music and handicrafts. Also, Kerala is considered to be the top ten paradises to visit before dying. Blessed with long palm tree beaches, quaint hill stations, beautiful rivers, pious inland water bodies and a serene atmosphere, Kerala has always enthralled its visitors and have melt the heart of thousands of visitors every year.

Kerala’s beaches, natural beauty, hill stations, and backwaters will give you a pleasure, and serenity that will refresh your mind, soul and body.

Most of the people think Kerala is for families but it is a great place for honeymoon also. If you are looking to relax and enjoy in the arms of Mother Nature, then Kerala Tourism is will provide you with a holistic experience. These experiences include spa treatment, ayurveda, and cultural heritage and so on. There is a room for plenty of adventure and fun too.

Ayurveda of Kerala

This state is known for their ayurvedic treatments that promise to rejuvenate your body and mind. The magic of this attracts travellers from all over the world. There are many treatment centres and resorts dedicated to this magical healing all over the state. You can choose from various types of treatment available and enjoy its benefits. There are hotels which specifically provide this treatment as a bonus for stay in their hotel.


Kerala have multiple wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, which is a good opportunity for the nature lovers to get up close with the wildlife of the state. You can take a jungle safari, ride on the back of a elephant, bathe elephants, walk in the middle of the forest, etc. The state is famous for its evergreen rain forests, and is home to various wild and exotic animals and plant species. During the safari, you can spot animals like monkeys, wild elephants, tiger, long-tailed Macau or the Indian sloth bear and many more.


Kerala has a mix of various languages. It is over three crores in population. The most common language spoken is Malayalam and English. It is also influenced by various cultures of neighbouring states, and therefore has several other dialects and languages.


The state is sea locked from one side and has Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as its neighbours.  Also, Kerala is popular for winding canals and gurgling rivers, lofty highlands and silver beaches. The state itself is quite small, but still continues to be the best places in India to visit. 14 wildlife sanctuaries make up for 2855.5822 sq.kms of the forest land while coastal areas account for 4000 sq. Km of land on the west dotted with mountains covered with spices and tea.

People of Kerala

People of Kerala are provides tourists with best hospitality and are very down to earth. While the official language is Malayalam, most of the people converse in English. The people here are quite religious and celebrate many festivals across the year for their various gods. 

Kerala Tourism welcomes people from all across the world. You can opt from the various kerala tour packages by https://www.ekeralatourism.net/ and enjoy your journey in the God’s Own Country.

Reasons to Visit Kerala


Kerala is known to be one of the most scenic states in the entirety of India, and has become famous as a premium honeymoon location, offering unparalleled sights and views to the visitors and tourists. It’s not uncommon for Kerala to get hundreds of foreign tourists every year, as the state has some of the very best from the glorious history of Colonial India, along with many natural beautiful sights like the awesome waterfalls and mind blowing beaches. Book one of the cheapest Kerala tour packages, and view the beauty of Kerala with your own eyes.

Many people also visit Kerala for the food, as the cuisine of Kerala is famous throughout India for having a unique blend of tastes and dishes. From different kinds of seafood to dishes made out of Bananas, Kerala has an exciting array of dishes for you to try out. The inherent romanticism of Kerala has led many people to book Munnar honeymoon packages, to ensure a 

Beaches: An Important Part of Kerala

Beaches have always been a big part of the tourism of Kerala, and have drawn thousands of people from all over the country to the state, as Kerala has some of the best beaches in India! Beaches like Kovalam, Cherai and Kappad make it a premium destination for tourists all over the country, as there are few things that feel better than the surf lapping at your feet while enjoying a cold beverage on the hot sand! With different food stands lining the beaches, you can even get a taste of the unique cuisine of Kerala when you go to the beaches. To see some of the best beaches in Kerala, book one of the Munnar honeymoon Packages.

Snorkelling and Diving: Leading India

Kerala is the first state in South India to have a Scuba Diving center, as many different instructors in Kerala offer different degrees of certifications in Scuba diving, all the way up to instructor level! Its easy to contact the nearest diving center and sign on for on for a diving trip, as all of these centers take their trainees out daily, along with pleasure dives for adventurous tourists!

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Out of all the tourism companies offering tourism packages to Kerala, Ekerala Tourism  has risen to be one of the most well known, as they have the most carefully designed and comprehensive tour packages. Offering some of the cheapest Kerala tour packages, Ekerala Tourism is undoubtedly one of the best choices when picking a tourism company!

Most Recommended Destinations in Kerala Tour Packages from Hyderabad

Kerala tour packagesThe unstoppable force of life beckons nature, tranquillity and wildlife lovers to its shores at Kerala and the exquisite state never neglects to awe its guests. Laurelled with the sobriquet “God’s Very own Country” by tourists, Kerala is honoured with excellent beauty which is spread the whole way across its bright shorelines, quiet backwaters, enticing hill stations and empowering zest and tea ranches.

Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad is deliberately woven into one fine travel circuit which incorporates the original essence of the state. Such Kerala packages must include freshness of its flavours, the magnificence of its traditional practices, the serenity of its natural bliss and various heritage sites. The beauty of the state is well-known to Indian as well as foreign tourists.

A standout amongst the most popular places to visit with Kerala tour packages by eKerala tourism includes-

1.    Cochin

Cochin is essentially a base city from where the visit starts, yet Cochin has considerably more to offer than that. It is one of the most enchanting places in the state. The city has safeguarded the colonial history of British Era in the district as its memorable landmarks. One should visit here are St. Francis Church, Jewish Synagogue and Mattancherry Royal residence during your sojourn.

2.    Munnar

The next stop on the schedule can be Munnar which is the most popular hill station in the south of the Western Ghats in India. Basically a tea town, Munnar invigorates you with sweet fragrance originating from tea plantations. The stunning excellence of verdant hills and the green expanse of Eravikulam National Park is a must visit national park alongside Mattupetty Lake and Swiss Domesticated animals Undertaking.

3.    Alleppey

Presumably the most famous place of all Kerala, Alleppey is fascinating and dazzling backwaters with abundant greenery. A ride on customary houseboat permits you further to appreciate the encompassing magnificence at your own pace. The houseboat is loaded with every one of the luxuries of current life, and it takes one through the villages of local people, lavish paddies and coconut palms giving a romantic curve to your adventure.

4.    Kovalam

A previous and most loved place of hippies, Kovalam is the well known tropical shoreline town which mesmerises the guests with its amazing looks. The spot is in a perfect world known as the “Heaven of South India”, and individuals visit this place not only just get a tan or stroll in the sandy beach. The blue hue of water looks most quiet and blue, and one can openly skip around the coast or enter the ocean to indulge in various adventure water sports.

Travelling across these destinations can rejuvenate your mind and take you on an adventure of a whole new world. You should strategically choose destinations during your visit to Kerala as many places can be explored.

You can Book Kerala Tour Packages from Hyderabad from ekeralatourism.net in order to enjoy your holidays in bliss and make cherishing memories whilst your journey.

Best Kerala Tour Packages For Exciting Stay At Munnar

Kerala tour packagesChoosing Kerala as your holiday destination is the best way to start your memorable holidays. Kerala offers a spectacular view of Mother Nature at its best, scenic backwaters, lush green forests, peaceful hill stations and so much more for the travellers. Located on the Western Ghats of India, Kerala offers beauty that no one will forget and is among the top tourist destinations of India. You can visit many places with your family and friends, but the most famous destination of the best Kerala tour packages is Munnar. It is the highest hill station in Kerala situated at 1600 km above sea level. Located at Dukki districted of Kerala, this little gateway of summers is 141 km from Cochin. Situated at the confluence of three steams, Munnar is famous for its tea plantations, lush green scenery, lofty mountains and windy undulated paths. While you can explore the small town within a day, the various activities that this place offers can take up your time. The countryside will remind you of any foreign country, making you want to stay a little bit longer. Here are some of the top activities that you can do while your stay at Munnar.

1.    Camping

As a part of the best Kerala tour packages, you cannot miss camping in the lush green mountains of Munnar. It is an irresistible camping place for travellers who love bonfires and camps. The best time for camping expedition is between September to January in the pleasant winter season.

2.    Trekking

Munnar is a blissful place for people who love to trek and fitness freaks. The most preferred treks are Echo point and Top station that are the highest elevation points. Echo point is about 15km from Munnar, where you can experience the phenomenon of voice resonance or echo. Top station is the highest point located at 32 km from Munnar. It offers a fascinating view of the town surrounded by mountains and valleys.

3.     Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

If you are not much into trekking and camping, then Kolukkumalai is the best place that you can visit in Munnar. It is the highest tea plantation in the world located at 7000ft above the sea level.  Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is world famous for its flavoured teas leaves and a significant tourist attraction. Here you can feel the refreshing aroma of tea leaves and witness the traditional method of tea plantation.

4.    Wildlife parks and sanctuaries

You can go for an adventurous trip and explore the dark forests, natural parks, spot rare animals and enjoy the beauty of nature. The most visited natural parks of Munnar are Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Theddkey Bird Sanctuary.  There are several species of rare birds and animals in these sanctuaries, namely Nilgiri langurs, Nilgiri martens, small-clawed otters, leopards, Malabar grey hornbill, Sri Lanka frogmouth, and Indian hornbill and many more.

5.    Mountain biking

Cycling enthusiast can rejoice the tea estate of Munnar with mountain biking, a major attraction for mountain bikers. Areas of Munnar suitable for mountain biking are Suryanelli, Anamudi Shola, Kundala, and Vandanmedu.

You can experience the mind blowing things with best Kerala tour package offered by EKerala Tourism  .

Enjoy A Fun With Your Partner By Choosing Right Kerala Honeymoon tour Packages

Kerala tour packages

Kerala is one of the best destinations for freshly married couples and it drives out the romantic hero among you. Apart from that, it is the certain location of the perfect honeymoon with the presence of the luxury hotels and other accommodation to the customer. The Kerala tour packages provide many honeymoon destinations obsessively which comprise Bekal, Munnar and Kumarakom and another wonderful place to enjoy staying for a night or a week. Let to discuss the Munnar which is one of the popular hills stations and it needs 4 hours of the travel from the Cochin. Apart from that it is commonly covered with the Tata tea house and you begin sightseeing in the early morning with the trip to a place of the Eravikulam National park, tea museum, and Mathupetty and Echo point with the partner. Most of the Kerala honeymoon packages are specially designed to meet all you need so it assures to make for fun and entertainment.

Suitable honeymoon package to pick:

Even it is a suitable location to take a picture in the middle of the tea gardens. It is placed to find out the resort with the presence of luxuriating service and amenities to enjoy staying for the night. Then you can also go with the private pool villa which becomes right choice for the honeymoon in part of Munnar. There is an option on the part of Kerala such the houseboat for honeymoon which provides the rooms so it becomes a common choice for the entertainment. It provides an unforgettable experience for the traveler which brings out a number of additional support for the people to enjoy natural views. Hence the traveler is requested to pick the Kerala tour packages and enjoy the fun.

Kovalam Beach becomes one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in the part of India and it has 3 adjacent beaches as well as the bays. Therefore visitor can have magnificent views of the beach from the place of the lighthouse. This lighthouse allows the couples to reach the top and views the place which delivers the unforgettable moment to the user. The food is delicious and some of the seafront restaurants deliver the freshly catches fish from the sea so the couple can enjoy taking a taste and healthy food items. In Kerala, there are plenty of the Kerala honeymoon packages available at every time with the different price tag so the couple has to plan and pick suitable package as per the day, location and budget.

Spend Some Quality Time with your Loved Ones with Best Kerala tour packages

Kerala tour packages

Kerala is one of the most popular destinations for culture, nature, and relaxation. Pick your Kerala travel from a wide range of package options. The team of experienced professionals provides you packages for every type of Kerala travel you plan while it is a family vacation, cultural tour, honeymoon, Ayurveda/rejuvenating tour, pilgrimage or adventurous vacation. The dealers provide you amazing Kerala tour packages for you and your family to make lifetime memories be favored with these beautiful states. The tour packages come with different price and duration which make you choose the best one based on your preferences and budget.

Unique Features of Kerala Tour Packages:

Kerala is one of the most leading tourist places in India. You can benefit from sightseeing at most sought after a place like Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady, Kovalam, Alleppey, Kanyakumari, Cochin and many other places with this journey to Kerala. Kerala is one of the most famous honeymoon places in India especially because of its romantic resorts on beaches, hill stations, and backwaters. There are huge numbers of services added in this Kerala packages to make your trip more convenient as well as best.

Most of the peoples visit Kerala during the vacation even the newly wedding couples visit Kerala for their honeymoon.  If you are the new couple, then Kerala is one of the best places to romance. So book your tour trip to Kerala at the leading website. There are huge numbers of Kerala tour packages which provides you insight into its spice history . Exclusive tour packages provide countless of options for new couples searching for budget tours.

Kerala tour packages from Mumbai:

With interesting elements containing widespread natural beauty, convincing elephant rides, a laid-back beach scene, and calm houseboat journey, Kerala becomes all leisure & business travelers to spend quality time and increase their excellence travel experience. In order to get the best Kerala tour packages from Mumbai, you need to take guidance and help from popular travel companies in Kerala. They offer a huge array of tour packages in Kerala for friends, families, corporate, couples and groups. So, you can avail all particular details of tour packages with a budget from these leading agents. The leading agents can assist you to get the best Kerala tour packages from Mumbai. So, you don’t need to worry about it. Spend some quality time with your loved one by enjoying the Kerala trip.

Find the incredible Kerala with its reasonable tour packages with price

Kerala 1

Call it Kerala or the city of Golden peak; it is a magnificent hill station in the southern stretch of the Western Ghats. When you plan your vacation to Kerala by knowing Kerala tour packages with price a short drive from the Thiruvananthapuram need to be carried to reach the place and enjoy the serene and calm environment which makes you happy till your stay over there. As soon as you reach to Kerala, the thick tropical forests that swathes the complete hilly area looks like a carpet laid on the hill ranges with steep climbs and hairpin bends which is an excellent location for trekking, casual strolls and go camping opportunities. Plan your stroll and trekking activity to the thick forests by Kerala tour packages full of mountain flowers during your trip and view the unusual butterflies in beautiful colors which are a never seen sight to view and make it an unforgettable trip!

Primarily, Kerala and Kerala tour packages are divided into an upper and lower Sanatorium to promote tourism. Most of the tourists who wish to view the tea gardens for a feast to their eye visit it without a miss with a casual stroll which leaves a great impression on them. Like a feather in the cap of your trip, you get a soothing view to your eyes in the form of plenty of birds of different species who migrate from other states to the Kerala hills making it as their abode. Still, it is an amazing place for hundreds of endangered species to survive with Kerala tour packages with price.

Annual Boat race, Golden valley, Peppara Wildlife sanctuary located on the Karamana River, Mini zoo, golden valley, Agasthyakoodam, Meenmutty falls, Orchids and Deer park are the main attractions and the best places which make your trip to Kerala worth and more memorable lifelong. Every year the Annual boat race is held which is enjoyed by thousands of people by being the part of the grand festivities.

If you a great Pescetarian then Kerala’s culinary is the right choice with fresh water fish, which is the rare specialty of the place. The rich food culture of the place attracts the tourists in every way to be a part of the cuisine, marked by the ascendancy of Seafood, coconut and other varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Once you make up your mind to taste in some of the best restaurants, the generous use of aromatic spices and the taste of the food makes you mouth watering till you try it and feel full.