Explore Best of Kerala Tourism for a memorable trip

Kerala, a south Indian state is home to majestic backwaters, long coastlines, huge tea gardens, cultural activities, spices and so on, therefore is named as God’s Own country. This beautiful state is located on the Malabar Coast and is a paradise for the travellers. This small strip of heavenly blessed beauty is also happens to be the one of the top and tourists’ favourite destination not only in India but among the foreign traveller also. Kerala Tourism is fun and one should visit to witness its holy beauty with their naked eyes.

Regardless of whether you want to bask in sun in the silvery beaches of Kerala or want to explore the exquisite weather of Munnar Hill Station and its tea estate, or take a walk in the bustling city of Kochi, Kerala Tourism has something for every type of tourist. You can take a pick from various places and activities you want to visit and do during your vacation.

Kerala is a simple and land of highly literate citizens. The state welcomes its tourists with a humble attitude towards the vacationers and good hospitality. It is known for its spectacular dance form, music and handicrafts. Also, Kerala is considered to be the top ten paradises to visit before dying. Blessed with long palm tree beaches, quaint hill stations, beautiful rivers, pious inland water bodies and a serene atmosphere, Kerala has always enthralled its visitors and have melt the heart of thousands of visitors every year.

Kerala’s beaches, natural beauty, hill stations, and backwaters will give you a pleasure, and serenity that will refresh your mind, soul and body.

Most of the people think Kerala is for families but it is a great place for honeymoon also. If you are looking to relax and enjoy in the arms of Mother Nature, then Kerala Tourism is will provide you with a holistic experience. These experiences include spa treatment, ayurveda, and cultural heritage and so on. There is a room for plenty of adventure and fun too.

Ayurveda of Kerala

This state is known for their ayurvedic treatments that promise to rejuvenate your body and mind. The magic of this attracts travellers from all over the world. There are many treatment centres and resorts dedicated to this magical healing all over the state. You can choose from various types of treatment available and enjoy its benefits. There are hotels which specifically provide this treatment as a bonus for stay in their hotel.


Kerala have multiple wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, which is a good opportunity for the nature lovers to get up close with the wildlife of the state. You can take a jungle safari, ride on the back of a elephant, bathe elephants, walk in the middle of the forest, etc. The state is famous for its evergreen rain forests, and is home to various wild and exotic animals and plant species. During the safari, you can spot animals like monkeys, wild elephants, tiger, long-tailed Macau or the Indian sloth bear and many more.


Kerala has a mix of various languages. It is over three crores in population. The most common language spoken is Malayalam and English. It is also influenced by various cultures of neighbouring states, and therefore has several other dialects and languages.


The state is sea locked from one side and has Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as its neighbours.  Also, Kerala is popular for winding canals and gurgling rivers, lofty highlands and silver beaches. The state itself is quite small, but still continues to be the best places in India to visit. 14 wildlife sanctuaries make up for 2855.5822 sq.kms of the forest land while coastal areas account for 4000 sq. Km of land on the west dotted with mountains covered with spices and tea.

People of Kerala

People of Kerala are provides tourists with best hospitality and are very down to earth. While the official language is Malayalam, most of the people converse in English. The people here are quite religious and celebrate many festivals across the year for their various gods. 

Kerala Tourism welcomes people from all across the world. You can opt from the various kerala tour packages by https://www.ekeralatourism.net/ and enjoy your journey in the God’s Own Country.

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